Gotta Get To Jesus


“Gotta Get to Jesus” is a song beautifully and powerfully sung by the Collingsworth Family.  Every time I hear it tears come to my eyes.  Why?  Because I’ve been desperate to get to Jesus!
The woman with the issue of blood … under the Levitical law everything she touched was unclean.  Anyone who touched her was unclean.  There were certain rituals then that had to be done for them to be purified.  She could not be considered “pure” until she stopped bleeding. So imagine that this woman had very little contact with anyone for 12 long years!  Then she heard of Jesus and said, “I gotta get to Jesus!”
It wasn’t easy for her to do so.  She had to go out in public.  Perhaps she covered her face so no one would know who she was should they accidentally touch her or she them.  Getting through the crowd to Jesus was daunting but she pressed on.  She got to Him … and she was healed.
Have you every had to push your way through to get to Him?  Despite how people looked at you or what they thought of you?  Perhaps they thought you unworthy but you were determined … gotta get to Jesus!
Jairus was beside himself.  He was an important man but that meant nothing to him at this moment.  He was also a dad and his only child was dying.  His “important” position in “the church” meant nothing compared to the sickness of his precious daughter.  He said, “I gotta get to Jesus”.  Even after he got to Jesus there were delays and in that delay his daughter died.  Oh, but Jesus went anyway and despite the unbelief of those around the bedside, Jesus spoke life back into her body.  He got to Jesus!
Even after we’ve been seen by the Master we don’t always get our answer immediately.  There are setbacks, delays, side bars so to speak.  But don’t give up, hang on to the promise … just get to Jesus!
What about Zachaeus?  He also had heard about Jesus and was seeking Him … gotta get to Jesus!  Oh, but he was a short man and couldn’t see over the heads of those around him.  But where there’s a will, there’s a way because he had to get to Jesus and check Him out.  So he found a tree, climbed it and Jesus saw him!  Then Jesus invited Himself to go home with Zachaeus!  He got to Jesus!
Have you felt you didn’t measure up?  You thought others were thinking you didn’t deserve to get through to Him?  Have you ever thought you didn’t stand a chance to be seen by the Master?  Take the opportunity to step out of your box!  Climb a tree, do the unthinkable … just get to Jesus!
Mary, Martha and Lazarus were siblings that Jesus loved.  He stayed in their home, He ate with them, they ministered to Him.  Then Jesus had to go on His way and while gone Lazarus became sick and died.  However, before he died Mary and Martha sent for Jesus to come pray for their brother.  They said, “We gotta get to Jesus!”  But Jesus didn’t come right away like Mary and Martha thought he would and should!  No, they buried their brother and wondered why He didn’t come.
They didn’t know what Jesus knew … He had a better plan!  Not just a healing but a raising from the dead!  Jesus came four days later and raised Lazarus from the dead. Then they knew His timing for them was the best and they did “get to Jesus”.
Have you been disappointed because you didn’t get your answer as quickly as you wanted it?  Have you thought perhaps God forgot about you?  You thought He loved you and would come at your beck and call … but He didn’t! Time slipped by and your dreams died.  Then Jesus came and answered in a better way.  Perhaps you are still waiting … don’t give up … you just keep pressing in until … you get to Jesus!
Weddings were big occasions and celebrations and now the wine had run out.  This was a cultural catastrophe in Jesus’ time.  Jesus mother in essense said, “gotta get to Jesus and do whatever He tells you to do”.  They did, He told them, they obeyed and the best wine was served last!  I think that wedding reception may have made the headline news the next day … they just had to … get to Jesus!
Have you gotten through to Jesus but He told you to do something that sounded totally impractical or foolish?  You really didn’t want to do it for fear if it didn’t work out you would look the fool?  Remember, His ways and thoughts and far better than our ways and thoughts.  Just get to Jesus!
I personally had a time when I knew … “I gotta get to Jesus”.  I had come to the end of praying, believing, trying, seeking, wondering and pain filled.  I remember throwing myself across the bed and giving it to Him.  Did I get the answer right away? No.  Did I get filled with instant peace?  No.  Was I learning to trust? Yes.  Was it easy? No.  Did I eventually get my answer? Yes.  I continued on until I got to Jesus and He came to me!
How desperate are you to get to Jesus?  He is the ONLY One who has the answers!  We live in a fallen world so yes, even the godly hurt.  Even the godly get sick.  Even christians have financial problems.  Our children get involved in ungodly lifestyles, we face uncertain futures.  What are our choices?  We gotta get to Jesus!
Chorus to “Gotta Get To Jesus”
I’ve gotta get to Jesus
Gotta get to Jesus
I know that He’s the answer to my needs
Only He can solve them
Mend the broken pieces
Gotta get to Jesus
Press on!  Push through!  Gotta get to Jesus!

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