“Please, God!” or Pleasing God


One of the first things we teach our children is to say “please” and “thank you”.  We want them to be polite, gracious and thankful … among other things!  However, there are times when it backfires!
We have probably all seen or experienced a child who wants something, or to go somewhere and the parent says “no” or “wait until …”.  But children don’t want to wait.  They want what they want NOW!  They beg.  They plead.  They stomp their little feet.  They pout.  They at times even resort to “Please, please, PLEASE”.  Or is that teenagers??  Oh well!
Demanding, even pleading with “please” doesn’t mean we get what we want when we want it.
How many times do we get down on our knees and think by our begging God He will answer our prayers?  “PLEASE God, heal me!”  “PLEASE God, get me out of this mess!”  Or maybe you are praying for another but it gets down to almost a demanding tone … “PLEASE GOD! Hear me … answer me … do something to make this better …”
We want instant answers but seldom is God in the business of instant answers or giving us what we think we need.
Is our life full of demands on God or do we live a life that is pleasing to God?  Ouch.  There is the difference.
There is a little phrase in the book of Esther that has always struck me and it is used by Esther six times, “if it please the king” and another time “if I am pleasing in his eyes”.
Her desire was not to demand attention by the king but to please him.  I’m thinking that was not always convenient for her or even pleasing to her!  She pleased him sufficiently that the king chose her as the winner of the coveted “Queen” crown out of the year long beauty pageant.  I hardly think it was all fun.  A year of being scrubbed and oiled.  Dabbed with perfumes (hope they didn’t give her headaches like some perfumes do to me!) Given beautiful and expensive clothes to wear (that’s not bad and probably came with matching shoes!) But she had no control over who she was or wanted to be.  She was “taken” out of the life she knew to be thrust into the lustful king’s household.
But she submitted!  She was prepared to be presented.  I love her attitude.  It was not “what can I get for myself” but when it was her time to go to the king she could have asked for anything she wanted but she sought counsel from one who knew what the king liked!
I want you to think in a different way for just a few minutes of the king and Esther.  Not their personage but their position.  Esther is us.  The king representing Jesus.  Again, we know the king was not a righteous man so I’m just looking at the position he held as king.
How do you think the king would have responded if Esther had gone before him all puffed up, prideful, demanding, arrogant, stuck up and cold?  Nope, she would have been rejected.  Remember the king is king!  He would not even have to speak to have her head taken off!  His word was law.
How did Esther treat the king?  With honor.  Respect.  Obedience.  Submission.  Confidence.  Loyalty.   Courage.
Her life revolved around pleasing him.  We know the story and even when it came time to put herself in danger to plead for her people’s lives she did it in a way that brought dignity to him.  She did not accuse him of wrong doing but pointed out the wrong of others.
She knew that going before the king without being called was the most dangerous thing she could possibly do.  So she prepared herself and asked those around her to do the same.  Then she put on her best clothes and stood before the king, I believe in humility and beauty.  The king was smitten with her and accepted her intrusion.  Even then she honored him with catering to his desires not her own until the time was right to present her request.
God honored her then and through the king gave her the request she desired.
It boils down to this … how are you treating God?  Is your prayer time spent in demanding God answer your prayers?  Or do you spend time, and your life, in seeking to please Him?  There is a HUGE difference!  
Are you honoring God with your life?  Are you submitted to His will even when it differs from yours?  Are you obedient to His Word?  Are you loyal to His ways and thoughts?
Final question … are you a PLEASE, GOD!!! or are you PLEASING GOD person?

2 thoughts on ““Please, God!” or Pleasing God

  1. Your question.… are you a PLEASE, GOD!!! or are you a PLEASING GOD person?
    Hi Connie! This is Keith. Thanks for the Connie’s Contemplations! Now I have a question! Do you read our comments?
    In answer to your question, for Marilyn and I, it is pretty much both.
    Everyday we ask God to have mercy on us and we simply trust Him to work out what we need. Then we ask the Lord to help us to lift Him up in everything we say or do.


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