Black Saturday

black saturday 00

Saturday.  Sandwiched between that terrible Friday and Sunday.  The disciples of Jesus had forgotten what the promised Sunday would hold.  All they could think of was . . . now.  All they knew was, “He’s dead. Buried. Gone!”

They felt deserted, depressed, dismayed, disheartened, defeated – wasted.  Why?  “We thought He was bringing a kingdom.  He had given us hope of a future”.

How did they fill this day?  Hiding!  Even the chief priests and the Pharisees had more belief in Him.  They were the ones that went to Pilate asking for a tomb guard because they knew He said, “After three days I’ll rise again”.

OK – I’ll give it to you – maybe they didn’t actually believe it but they knew He said it and they did not want the disciples coming to steal the body and then say He arose!  They were making sure, according to their understanding, that it would NOT happen.

So here they are. The disciples had run away.  Jesus is dead and buried. John had been in the high priest’s courtyard and had seen a portion of what had happened to Jesus. Peter had been there too and then denied him.  Now he is feeling guilty and remorseful.  Judas had committed suicide.

John at least had been at the cross.  Now he had the responsibility of caring for Jesus’ mother.  What’s a man to do?

It’s easy for us on this side of the resurrection to say, “Hey hold on guys! Don’t get too upset . . . you know what’s going to happen tomorrow!  Jesus is going to rise up.  He’s going to be alive again. He’s coming out of that grave on the first day of the week. He even told you that! He’s getting back the keys to death, hell and the grave!  Tomorrow is going to be one grand exciting day!”

None of the disciples were at the tomb waiting with expectation to look for the resurrection.  Some of the women were there but not in expectation of a miracle … they came to anoint His body.

Had they all forgotten?  Or perhaps they didn’t believe that He would do what He said.  They were in hiding, afraid, fearful, wondering, pondering their future.

Even the two disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24) didn’t quite believe or at least now they were having doubts … (World Bible) v 21, “we were hoping he was the one …”.  Hoping verses KNOWING.

He expounded the Word to them then went to their home.  What was it about the taking of the bread, blessing it and giving it to them that caused them THEN to believe?

What do we do on the days between?  The days between the death of our hope and the day the promise comes?  Do we continue to believe or do we give up?  Have the circumstances that we don’t understand blinded our eyes and our faith?  Do we hang on to the promise given or say, “it’s all over . . . let’s go with plan B”.

The Bible was given to us so that we DO know the end of the story.  The stories are there so that we might believe and not give up.  We have the examples, the monuments the challenge to “hold on . . . the promise is coming down the road”!  We are to continue to trust and have faith that He will do what He has promised.

So if today you are discouraged – don’t be!  Don’t give up hope!  Tomorrow Jesus is coming!  It’s even better than that … He’s with you right now!

So live Saturday very carefully!

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