The 13th Floor

13 02

Ronn and I are in a hotel right at this moment … on the 14th floor.  Really?  Not at all … the elevator button tells me that the floors go from 12 to 14.  So in reality we are on the  13th floor.

Just because you ignore something or rename it doesn’t change the reality.

Many hotels, high rise buildings and some airplanes just skip number 13.  In my book that is simply silly.  Did you know that there is actually a name for the fear of the number 13?  The phobia is called Triskaidekaphobia.  However some folks think this number is a lucky number.

It’s a number!

Made me think … are there things in my life that I think will go away if I ignore them or rename them?  Oh, my gossip has been renamed “a prayer request”.  My anger is now called “righteous indignation”.  Explosive behavior is called a “short fuse”.  Speeding (now I’ve gone to meddlin’!) is “keeping up with traffic”.  That shortcut on my tax return is it really a “loophole”? A white lie is still a lie!

Just because culture renames sinful pleasures does that change God’s Word?

So what is my prayer today?  “Lord, help me to live honestly before you and before the world!”… even when I’m on the 14th floor!

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