Life Rules

life rules

A couple weeks before my birthday I began to pray about the future and in doing so looking back to the past as well.  I asked the Lord for three Life Rules to go forward.  He had already spoken to me several months ago about “Choose Joy” so I had one already!  As I sat and meditated three came to me rather quickly and I wrote them down and over the next few days many more started coming to me.

Here’s my list and you can add your own …


LOVE Jesus

Choose joy

Show grace

Live truth

Have mercy

Serve others

Pray consistently

Express Thankfulness

Be humble

Study the Word

Remain faithful

Express kindness

Always be grateful

Speak wisely

Write thoughtfully

Be still

Quietly listen

Act courageously

Smell the roses

Wait patiently

Fear God

Obey His commands

Sleep well

Give largely

Eat sparingly

Walk daily

Think positively

Sing daily

Encourage others

Praise continually


I know the list could go on and on and I decided to quit before any more came to me!  I would be interested in what you add!

Here’s the point … there is SO much negativity around us.  We can all complain about things.  I am often reminded of how the children of Israel complained in the wilderness and the punishment they received because of it!  After ALL God had done for them … they still complained.  I know I have been guilty of the same and I try to quickly ask His forgiveness.

I do NOT want to be a complainer or a “whiner”.  When my children were little and they would begin to whine, I would ask them, “Are you a member of the Whiner family?”  (Now please forgive me if anyone reading this has the last name of “Whiner”!  I hope you know I do not want to be offensive!)

We need to develop a spirit of thankfulness instead of always looking for the negative.

I know I will be continually challenged on this!  So Connie, listen up … CHOOSE JOY and remember my list of Life Rules!

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