Easter Poem

Do You

Dinner with friends

Table talk

Betrayal plot revealed

Bread and wine

Hymns sung

Garden visit

Prayer time

Sleeping friends

Sweating blood

Totally alone

Coming crowds

Betrayed by kisses

Swords swing

Mobbed and seized

Deserted by friends

Hurried trial

Falsely accused

Denied by friend

Rooster crows

Much weeping

Blood money

Betrayers suicide





Crown of thorns

Purple robe

Blood flows

Nailed to cross

Darkness descends

“King of the Jews”


Messiah is dead

God turns aside

Satan rejoices

Mom cries

Some gloat

Others cheered

Temple veil torn


Rocks split

Tombs open

Saints raised

Soldiers filled with awe

“This is the Son of God”

Borrowed grave

Laid to rest

Tomb sealed

Guards on watch


Jesus is dead

Where’s His kingdom?

Disciples in hiding

Hope destroyed

Vision gone



What now?


First day of the week

Earth shakes

Angel comes

Stone rolled away

Guards faint

Women come with spices

Angel speaks

“Don’t be afraid,

He is not here

He is risen!

Go – Tell”


Mary comes

Tomb empty!

Where is He?



What have you done with Him?


Oh the joy!

Falling before Him

Love and adore Him

Not just Messiah

Resurrected SAVIOR


Disciples in hiding

Doors are locked

Fear of the Jews

Jesus comes

Through the walls!

Standing there in the flesh!

Speaks peace to them

Shows His hands and side

NOW they rejoice

He speaks peace again

Jesus breathes on them

“Receive ye the Holy Spirit”


Where’s Thomas?

Doubts abound

Won’t believe until he sees

(is this familiar?)

Eight days later

Inside again

Doors locked

Jesus appears

Bringing peace

Thomas sees and believes!

Do you?          

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