A Clean House


A clean house gives me great pleasure!  I love to have a clean house . . . everything in its place, dust gone, clean sheets – no clutter!  I can’t think of a time when it’s been that way.  That causes me problems . . . I put off things I WANT to do because I think I could concentrate better if my house was clean.

Then after the grandchildren leave I wonder why I cleaned in the first place!

This morning I was putting the Christmas decorations away thinking about having my house clean again when the Lord spoke to my heart about “is My house clean?”  I am the temple of the Holy Spirit and I can get so bogged down in clutter… spiritual clutter!  Wrong attitudes, gossip, resentment, anger, time management, priorities … my list could go on and on!

We recently sold a house and we had plenty of time in the escrow to go thru the “stuff” that gets collected over years.  Keep this, give that, thrift this pile, toss even more, do the kids want this?  And lastly … do I really need to keep this???  Sometimes it’s just plain difficult to let go of our stuff.  Seems so important at the time!

Sometimes I think it is easier to clean my physical house than my spiritual one.  Grab the vacuum and a dust cloth and work out my frustrations!  But grabbing the Bible and dusting out the cobwebs in my spirit takes a little more time and introspection!  And courage!  It’s hard to face the facts of my own sin.

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