I will admit here and now that I like maps!  When I was young, daddy brought us home from South America via Miami and bought a car just so we could drive to California!  Oh joy!   Up the east coast through Washington, D.C., New York City and across America driving a car. My brother and I had a map that we used to mark out the trip!  We unfolded and refolded that crazy paper map so many times that it finally tore.

Since then, whenever we went on a trip I wanted a map.  Paper maps were free and we loaded up on them.  Now my favorite app on my iPad is my map app.  I will even turn it on when I know where I’m going because it will give me traffic, accident reports, construction zones and even show me what detour to take.  It’s GREAT!  I love it!  (Well, I know “love” is an overused word here.) However, my map app is not infallible. Sometimes it shows traffic that’s not there, the “accident” sign is still on but the accident has been removed, or it won’t show the weaving police car that is holding back traffic.

I can enlarge my map app so it even shows me street names, restaurants, coffee stops, gas stations and I guess if I was smart enough it could show me a lot more if I knew how to ask.

Recently  I was praying over some things that are concerning this mother/grandma’s heart, pondering the life of my grandchildren particularly and praying for them.  In moments like this, my map app that I turn to is the Bible.  It shows me first of all how to turn off the “worry” (I think I need to work on that one more) and then pray in the Spirit.

This Map App gives directions that NEVER fail.  “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path” Psalm 119:105.

God’s Word IS my life map app!  Have I always followed it?  Sadly, no, but when I run into a detour, having chosen my own way, I can go back to the Bible as my Map App and get my directions straightened out!

I can TRUST my Map App.  I can remember the time when I believe I “heard” God’s voice.  It was one word.  It was around 1984 and I was beside myself with concerns.  We had started the television ministry and it was overwhelming to me. I was taking a Sunday afternoon nap on the sofa when I suddenly was wide awake because I “heard” the word TRUST and immediately the rest of the verse ran through my mind, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.” Proverbs 3:5 & 6.

IF (how can such a little word be so big?) I could always only do that I am well advised.

But life throws curves.  I’ve had them.  You’ve had them.  Not all detours are made of our own wrong choices.  Probably most are, but not all.  They can be route changing detours.  Death, divorce, affairs, job loss, getting fired, unexpected moves, problems with children, accidents, unplanned pregnancies, illness, not getting the promised promotion … fill in any blank.

Do we let the detours derail us, or do we go to our Map App, the Word of God, tears and all, lay it out before Him (He knows all about it anyway!) and get back on track?  What you thought your life would look like has altered.  Change happens.  Don’t let the detours change your end goal.  It may become a little curvy and crooked but get straightened out and keep your goal in sight.

Pleasing Jesus is my goal first and foremost!  Obeying His directions, following His commands.  Heaven in my goal!  I want to see Jesus and I want ALL my children and grandchildren coming along with me.

OK … I just don’t get it that some folks don’t like to ask directions!  Now, I’m not giving any names 🙂 but how in the world can you get someplace you’ve never been without asking how to get there?  Or get sketchy directions and try to find where you are?  Or getting lost and then not asking directions?

The BIBLE is the ONLY trustworthy, never fail, always right direction giver on how to get to heaven!

Get out your official Map App … read it, study it, apply it.

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