So what comes to your mind?  Someone peeking over your shoulder or smothering you by their closeness?

The other night I was reading in Philippians and came across this statement in 4:5, “The Lord is at hand” (KJV).  Some say that refers to future events but I say, THE LORD IS AT HAND!  That means He is here, NOW, with me, watching over me, reaching out to me!

Meditating on that I thought back to Genesis 1:2 (NLT), “The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters.  And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.”

When I first read that I thought, hmmmm … “hover” … and I pictured a helicopter hovering over a building or over a chasm with big, black billowing clouds.  A helicopter can hover over an injured hiker on a mountainside waiting for the right moment to sweep in and pick up the injured.  A helicopter can hover over a heaving, rolling storm tossed sea to rescue passengers.  A hovering helicopter means rescue is at hand!

The dictionary definition  … “hover” … “to hang fluttering or suspended in the air; to keep lingering about, wait near at hand.”  A helicopter has the ability to stay in one place suspended in air for a period of time.

What happens when a helicopter “hovers”?  The wind kicks up, waves get higher, future passengers can panic and rather than following advice they can get in the way and delay rescue.  Deep breathe, stay calm.

How does that apply to me?  Oh my!  There have been times I’ve felt to be in the stormy sea WAITING for rescue!  I’ve been the injured on the floor waiting to be picked up! All the while the “Lord was at hand”.  The Spirit of God was hovering over me … watching, waiting, eager for the right time to swoop down and rescue me.  Trouble is … His timing is rarely my timing.  I want rescue NOW or better yet … yesterday!

I felt the waves washing over me.  I felt death near (maybe not physically but emotionally!).  I felt the dark clouds of depression swirling over me.  In my heart I knew God was there but why wasn’t He picking me up yet??

This verse gives me assurance!  The Lord IS at hand.  The Spirit of God knows where I am.  He WILL rescue me … when His timing is right!

In the meantime I wait.  I meditate on His Word.  I listen for His instructions.  I occupy my time.  I try not to panic when the wind kicks up.  I like to think that the wind of His Spirit assures me that HE IS NEAR!

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