My Closet


This morning I was meditating on Matthew 6:6, “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet …”  Made me think of my closet!  Not a good thing to do when I am supposed to be “meditating on the Word”!

My closet is not a room, my closet has slider doors and is FULL.  I have often said to my husband, “I’ve GOT to find time to clean this closet out … donate, throw, whatever!”  There are clothes too big and clothes too small (well, you never know when you might gain or lose a few pounds!).  There are two many purses (but it goes so well with that outfit).  Shoes that don’t fit (thank you bunion!) and then there is my favorite flip-flops that should flip right into trash!  There is an old rule (and who follows this?) that if you buy something new then immediately when you get home take something out to donate.  I’d really like to know which of my friends do that! (Well, maybe I don’t want to know because then I might not like you so much!!)

Ouch, that made me think on my spiritual closet!  Ok, ok … I know we don’t have to pray in a closet … it can be anywhere that we can be alone with our Heavenly Father.  But what happens when we get alone with God?  I’m a list maker and I can almost be certain to think of something that needs to be written down before I forget it.  I remember a phone call that needs to be made to the east coast before they leave for work.  The oven needs to be turned on, get the laundry started, did I turn the eggs off on the stove?  The phone rings and it just might be important!

You get the idea … the closet is too full to pray!  We need to do some sorting and throwing out of the junk in our closet!

Jesus’ words continue in Matthew 6:6, “ … and when thou hast shut thy door …”  There is the clue … SHUT THE DOOR … to invading thoughts.  It takes discipline and believe me it is NOT easy!  How often I’ve had to claim the verse in II Corinthians 10:5, “bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.”  Note to Connie … keep my mind on Jesus!  Now that can be a good thing to do all day and not just in prayer time!

Jesus wants our full attention not just to listen to us … He wants to talk to us also!  And He won’t do it if we are not listening.  I know what it is like when talking to someone and I know I don’t have their full attention (and unfortunately there are times when I don’t give my full attention!) I can get a little upset to say the least.

Shut your closet door, turn your attention to Him, be still and know that He is God.

Please don’t anyone get a guilt trip from this … I KNOW there are emergencies and time crunches … babies crying, the sick child, the forgotten lunch to be made, the alarm that didn’t go off …  but don’t let failure to keep your time with God keep you from your time with God!

So now that I’ve written this I must go clean out my closet!

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